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Nantucket Basket Bangle
Nantucket Bracelet Bangle
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The Cabin Boy

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Mini Nantucket basket bangle.

We love a bangle. Our most dainty, she still screams Nantucket. The Mini is ripe for stacking or mixing as-is, and also has the ability to take on different personalities with scrimshawed letter, signal flag, or symbol charms. Get creative! We love sporting our children’s initials, gifting a jolly roger, or how about a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot combo?

At this time, charms may be ordered separately under “Charms” and we will assemble your finished piece. To swap charms out on your own, simply separate the metal ring (with your fingers or a pair of pliers) enough to pull the bracelet through, and then adjust it back to its original shape.

Approximately 80% of our customers fall into the “standard” size, which is a size medium in a store. If you're still not sure what size to get, please reference the specific dimensions below:

Dimensions (inside diameters):
SMALL: 2 1/2"
LARGE: 2 3/4"
*We get as close as possible to these measurements, but due to the natural materials, measurements could vary within 1/16".