"How do I care for my special WTW pieces?"
Just treat them like they’re special. Don’t get too nervous; each woven piece has multiple coats of polyurethane to protect it, but still… exercise love. Especially if it includes fossil, don’t bang it on your board. Get a splash over the rail? Just washing your hands? A few drops won’t hurt, but leave your bracelet at the dock before heading out for the first warning gun. Or picnic.

How do I know if my bracelet will fit?
We have found our standard/Medium cuffs fit 80% of women. They have a little “play” in them, so just squeeze or expand GENTLY to find the perfect fit.
We have only sizes XL, M, and XS on purpose. For an adult male, order XL.
For most adult women, order M. For an adult woman with a particularly large or particularly small wrist, select the XL or XS sizes. For young girls (age 6-12ish), order XS. For miniature children, age 0-6ish, order Childrens.
Still not sure? Measure your wrist in inches and email us. We’ll help you through the decision.

"Do men wear these?"
Yes! They look awesome on our favorite guys. Just order size XL.
If you’re not sure if your guy will go for it, start him off with a keychain. Those work for everyone, everyday!

"Do you have any additional designs?"
Yes, coming soon! We’re always weaving, and we’re always dreaming. We have exciting new designs in prototype. Stay connected so we can show YOU first!

"Do you weave and sell the lightship baskets too?"
We work with an amazing group of weavers who can weave YOU the basket of your dreams. Contact us to connect.


"What do I need to know about the use of ivory?"
While our designs are all rooted in America’s history when ivory whale teeth were carved aboard clipper ships, we applaud today’s protection of ivory. We use ethically and legally sourced fossil and adhere to all federal and state regulations. In fact, ironically the fossils we use today is MUCH older than the whaling trade.

Remember learning about the Woolly Mammoth? Well, the woolly mammoth’s tusks have been fossilized, under ground for 20,000 – 100,000 years in parts of the world like Alaska and Siberia.

Some laws vary by state and it is the customer’s responsibility to know your local ivory laws.

What are the chances for a group discount?
Have a bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen to adorn, seeking a symbolic family Christmas gift, or the perfect regatta prizes? We heart team bonding – no matter your team or the inspiration. Let’s connect.


Where can I see these pieces in person?
Visit us at a trunk show or visit a location carrying WTW! Stay tuned on Instagram for new locations.

May I host a WTW trunk show?

We hope so! Let’s connect on ideas, locations, dates, and guest lists.

May I sell WTW through my business?


Non-custom orders ship USPS within seven business days. Please contact us if it’s a super rush.

Custom orders ship within three to six weeks, and we are happy to keep you updated on the status if you send an email inquiry. We know it’s hard to wait…. And that six weeks seems like a long time… But everything worthwhile is… worth a while. You will have your Whale Tail Weaving piece of art forever!

In the meantime, consider a non custom piece to wear immediately and whet your appetite. 🙂

We ship within the United States for $6.00

Please contact us for international shipping options. International customers are responsible for the payment of any fees, customs, duties & taxes upon delivery.


Exchanges & Returns

Non custom pieces:

We want you to love your Whale Tail Weaving pieces! But if you don’t, we accept exchanges and returns of non custom pieces in their original mint condition within 14 days of the initial order date. Customers are responsible for shipping fees to us, and we’ll pay for shipping back to you.

Custom pieces:

Custom pieces are yours to keep. That said, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us to share your concerns and together we’re sure we can find a solution.

Email us at orders@whaletailweaving.com

Please send all exchanges and returns to:

Whale Tail Weaving
Returns & Exchanges
53 State Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02109