The Bangle Dangle
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The Bangle Dangle

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Why get just one bangle when you can get all three? Each of our bangles holds its own when worn alone, but combining them into one "Bangle Dangle" bundle creates a bracelet bundle that's as fun to wear as it is to say.

This bundle includes: 
- Double stave Nantucket basket bangle (The Captain)
- Single stave Nantucket basket bangle (The Crew)
- Mini Nantucket basket bangle (The Cabin Boy)

Approximately 80% of our customers fall into the “standard” size, which is a size medium in a store. If you're still not sure what size to get, please reference the specific dimensions below:

Dimensions (inside diameters):
SMALL: 2 1/2"
LARGE: 2 3/4"
*We get as close as possible to these measurements, but due to the natural materials, measurements could vary within 1/16".