The Whaler’s Daughter
The Whaler’s Daughter
The Whaler’s Daughter
Nantucket Basket Bracelets
The Whaler’s Daughter
Whale Tail Weaving

The Whaler’s Daughter

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Single stave Nantucket basket cuff.

Here comes your statement piece. If this were in basket form, it would be on your mantle. Instead, you can enjoy wearing it any day! Make this bracelet yours, or gift to the most special people in your heart. We take the time and expertise to carefully mold cherry hardwood to create the beautiful Whale Tail Weaving signature contrast between the staves and weavers, and use authentic, ethically sourced fossil ends. Ironically, going back in time to fossilized material is our modern way to represent America’s whaling history.

At this time, these bracelets are sold with “blank” ends that show the beautiful, hand carved fossil, with unique veining from natural minerals. If you’d like to add custom scrimshaw, please email us a specific request.

Approximately 80% of our customers fall into the “standard” size, which is a size medium in a store. If you're still not sure what size to get, please reference the specific dimensions below:

Dimensions (inside diameters):
SMALL: 2 1/2"
LARGE: 2 3/4"
*We get as close as possible to these measurements, but due to the natural materials, measurements could vary within 1/16".